German food retailer

A European grocery retailer saves time and money by transporting sensitive documents with Versapak tamper-evident messenger bags and security seals.
Since the ranges are calculated narrowly, the cost factor was crucial for the customer. They wanted a reusable mailing bag for transporting different types of documents.

First, it was important to the company to be able to send employee information and other internal documents back and forth between their markets and offices. The employee documents contained, among other things, sensitive salary information and other confidential data. They also wanted to be able to send promotional materials back and forth between stores that were scheduled deliveries and needed to be kept confidential. They planned to use their existing vans and drivers to transport such documents - so the system needed to be simple and secure.

Versapak developed a dual-compartment bag with color-coded, tamper-evident seals so drivers could transport the material without having to pay attention to different types of information. Color coding also helped store managers know whether the documents contained marketing materials or personal, sensitive employee information.
Versapak has developed a strong relationship with this retailer and continues to regularly supply them with bags and security seals.

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