NEW: Recycled T2 security seals

NEU: Recycelte T2-Sicherheitssiegel

100% recycled security seals

Since the beginning, Versapak has been developing and producing sustainable solutions for tamper-proof storage and transport of documents, mail and valuables. We are pleased to announce that we have achieved our goal of developing recycled security seals. We have recently started collecting old seals and recycled plastic to make new, high-quality T2 seals. The 100% recycled seals are an absolute novelty and will make a significant contribution to the fight against plastic waste through security seals.

Our recycled seals are produced in small quantities and are reduced to a few thousand per month. The more seals our customers send back to us, the more recycled seals we can produce.

Further information can be found here.

“Recycle Your Seal” 

With our “Recycle your Seal” project you can collect your used T2 seals and send them back to us free of charge. We recycle these seals and produce new ones, so the cycle is closed and plastic waste is counteracted. The project will start soon. Our “T2 customers” will receive an email with further information and how to proceed. We hope for your support in the fight against plastic waste for a more sustainable future.

We look forward to your suggestions and questions!

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