The importance of pharmaceutical logistics

The importance of pharmaceutical logistics

We recently attended a few different medical shows, such as the Nursing in Practice show as well as the Pharmacy Show. These exhibitions led to us wanting to talk about something important for medical professionals in the UK and elsewhere: the importance of a thorough logistical chain in pharmaceuticals.

As STC Logistics put it, the importance of logistics within the pharmaceutical industry can be the difference between life and death. SANDOZ also corroborate with the importance of quality logistics within this industry, citing that high-tech logistics are much more than just an expense, and that they should be looked at as an investment which opens the door to better access to medicines and, when used efficiently, they can bring down overall healthcare costs and improve patient care. Ultimately, lives can be put at stake, so it’s imperative that the supply chain contains no weak links and ensure that transport and storage demonstrate an unbroken series of steps.

Two key control processes: GMP & GDP

According to Scott Allison and the people at SANDOZ, modern pharmaceuticals follow two key control processes:

  1. Good manufacturing practises (GMP)
  2. Good distribution practises (GDP)

GMP ensures products are of the highest quality when leaving the warehouse and entering the supply chain, whilst GDP concerns the maintenance of a products integrity along the supply chain – although GDP can vary by region and so consequently, the process grows in complexity.

Procedures to ensure prompt delivery of pharma cargo

As STC logistics state, whether the cargo is being transported by air, land or sea, procedures and best practise must be followed, such as:

When pharma companies diversify their delivery options, their products delivery times aren’t compromised (even under strained circumstances).

Tamper evident Pharmacy Bags offering peace of mind within the supply chain

Here at Versapak we pride ourselves on being able to simplify the complex pharmaceutical chain of distribution and supply, but how do we contribute?

Our Pharmacy Medical Bag offers peace of mind to those involved within the supply chain. This bag is used to transport patients’ prescriptions and other drugs or paperwork. Made using high quality material, it is padded to protect internal contents and incorporates our latest innovation: the patented T2 Security Seal.

We also offer a Pharmacy Returns Medical Pouch which was designed for the day-to-day use and transportation of documents and items. Again, this bag is fitted with a locking house that is secured and made tamper evident via the attachment of a patented Versapak T2 Security Seal 

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