Ice pack from €4,50 €7,50
Used to keep medical bags cool when storing or transporting materials that need to be kept at a low temperature.These freeze boards have a durable polypropylene exterior for maximum durability and are made with non-toxic aqueous Liquid filled.Click on the download section below to determine how many freeze boards you need for each medical carrier.
Thermal barrier for chilled goods from €5,45
The thermal barrier ensures maintenance of the desired temperature and avoids freezing. Suitable for transporting refrigerated products such as vaccines, insulin, biological samples, reagents, medicines and perishable products in general.
Tiefkühlakku Icecatch
Icecatch freezer battery from €8,75
Used to maintain the contents of insulated Versapak transport boxes between 2 and 8 degrees for extended periods. These reusable cooling elements are self-insulating with an integrated insulation layer. Click on the download section below to determine how many cooling elements you need for each medical carrier.
Temperaturlogger mit Display TM
Temperature logger with display TM €82,45
Our new multi-purpose temperature logger has been specifically designed for monitoring temperature-sensitive products throughout the cold chain. Customer-specific settings are installed directly from the factory, so that every temperature logger is ready for immediate use.
Externer Temperaturfühler für Datenlogger TM
External temperature sensor for data logger TM €28,55
Used for reliable and cost-effective temperature recording and cold chain monitoring. For use with the Versapak temperature data logger and insulated carriers to monitor indoor temperatures.
Eutektischer Akku (PCM)
Eutectic battery (PCM) from €16,45
Phase Change Material (PCM) batteries are made of heat-storing material that uses phase change between solid and liquid states and vice versa to store and release large amounts of thermal energy at a constant temperature. Click on the download section below to find out how many ice packs your bag needs
Tiefkühlakku -21°C
Freezer battery -21°C €21,95
The temperature of -21°C can be maintained for up to 96 hours (depending on packaging).
Safe-T-Vue 10 - Irreversible Temperaturindikatoren
Safe-T-Vue 10 - Irreversible temperature indicators €159,95
Safe-T-Vue® 10 attaches directly to the blood bag or product to monitor contact temperature. Temperature limit: 10 °C 1 sales unit = 50 Temperature indicators

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