HQ and LQ material

The standard material for our bags is the HQ/LQ material. An extremely
tear-resistant and coated nylon fabric. It is water-repellent
and optimally protects the contents from damage. The LQ material has a thickness of 320 g/m², whereas the HQ material is heavier with a thickness of 550 g/m² and is therefore suitable for use in transports with high loads.

This material is in Available in many different colors (see color palette). In addition to the standard material, other materials can also be selected according to your wishes and requirements.


Protect your bag against external influences. The heat-resistant, fire-retardant material is used for this. A special PVC coated polyester is used for this. In contrast to conventional materials, the substance set on fire extinguishes itself in 3-4 seconds after the fire source is removed.

RFID technology

By using RFID chips, you can follow the path of your Versapak bag with pinpoint accuracy (tracking). We would also be happy to process your own RFID chips into our bags. Talk to us!

Cut-resistant material

Particularly sensitive contents can, if desired, be protected against mechanical interference using cut-resistant material, making forced entry into the bag more difficult.

Reinforcement and padding

To further protect the contents of your Versapak bag, we offer various protection options. With special foam padding, even sensitive items can be transported safely. A sewn-in or removable plastic inner reinforcement gives your individual transport bag more stability and protection.

Tell us your wishes or concerns, we will be happy to advise you!

Color table

Apart from our standard colors, we also offer other colors from our color palette. For an order quantity of 20 or more, you can choose the material color for your bags:

Please contact us for inquiries about special colors such as neon, pink, etc. Color deviations possible for technical reasons

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