Laboratory bag - transportation of samples out of €190,78
Laboratory transport bag for vaccines and medicines with plastic feet and inner compartment for a data logger.
Laboratory bag -vaccines and medication out of €190,78
Laboratory transport bag for vaccines and medicines with reinforcement and foam padding.
Thermal barrier for refrigerated goods out of €6,54
The thermal barrier ensures that the desired temperature is maintained and prevents freezing. Suitable for the transportation of refrigerated products such as vaccines, insulin, biological samples, reagents, medicines and perishable products in general.
Pack of absorbent pads - Medical bag €23,94
For absorbing liquids leaking from the primary container in accordance with packing instruction P650. They can be used in the Versapak pathology and specimen transport bags in accordance with the guidelines for Category B biological substances as per UN3373.
special offer
Mail van €262,80 €438,00
Medium capacity trolley for delivering mail in an office or case notes, medication and samples in a hospital. It is very maneuverable, has a robust contour design and has two wire baskets.
special offer
Cold pack out of €5,40 €9,00
Used to keep medical bags cool when storing or transporting materials that need to be kept at a low temperature.These freeze boards have a tough polypropylene exterior for maximum durability and are filled with non-toxic aqueous liquid.Click on the download section below to find out how many freeze boards you need for each medical carrier.
Frozen battery iCecatch out of €10,50
Is used to keep the content of isolated versapak transport boxes between 2 and 8 degrees over a longer period of time. These reusable cooling elements are selfishly With integrated insulation layer. Click the download area below to determine how many cooling elements you need for every medical carrier.
Exhibit bag out of €15,54
Wherever personal items need to be stored securely, Versapak's evidence bags (ASPS) are ideal. Many police stations, administrations, prisons and hospitals already use these bags on a daily basis. We manufacture our security bags with an eyelet for hanging and a standard window from a transparent, particularly hard-wearing material. In combination with our security seals, these evidence bags offer maximum protection against tampering.
Side gusset bags for laboratory bags out of €16,46
Side gusset bags for laboratory bags, suitable for Versapak laboratory bags, with material: LDPE, and with film thickness: 30 or 50 µ.
100 Covid-19 sample bags incl. pads €74,40
These disposable polyethylene envelopes are UN3373 compliant and are used for the safe storage and transportation of COVID-19 samples. (Price per 100). The sample bags ensure the safe and compliant storage and transportation of diagnostic and clinical samples, infectious and hazardous materials, chemicals and pharmaceuticals.  These independently certified printed bags comply with all relevant transportation regulations.
Reversible address card with protective cover €1,68
Reversible address card for self-printing, with PVC protective cover. Suitable for all standard windows.
Bag clip for gusseted bags €2,70
Clip for closing gusseted bags in various sizes and colors.

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