Labortasche PYB -Transport von Proben - Klein, Mittel und Groß
Laboratory bag - transporting samples from €158,98
Lab transport bag for vaccines and medications with plastic feet and inner compartment for a data logger.
Bluttransporttasche BLD -Blutproben oder Transfusionsbeutel
Blood transport bag -blood samples or transfusion bags from €156,74
Blood transport bag for any blood products such as blood samples or transfusion bags with adjustable shoulder strap.
Labortransporttasche - Integriertem Thermometer
Laboratory transport bag - integrated thermometer €172,42
Lab bag with integrated thermometer for transporting laboratory samples and blood products.
Labortasche -Medizinische Befunde - OP Präparate
Laboratory bag - medical findings - surgical specimens €15,42 €25,70
The laboratory bag with space for medical reports and surgical specimens is perfect for on the go or in the clinic. This means you always have everything you need for your work with you. Practical and compact, for efficient use of your time and energy.
Asservatentasche AS1-MED
Evidence bag €16,76 €27,94
Bag for personal items and documents of patients or hospital staff such as smartphone, ID card, tablet, keys, wallet etc.
Dokumententasche VCF-MED
Document bag €14,75 €24,58
Document bag for medical documents e.g. for patient documents, findings, etc.
Apothekentasche -Transport von Medikamenten und Unterlagen
Pharmacy bag - transporting medication and documents €31,55 €52,58
The distinctive, sealable pharmacy bag is ideal for transporting medication and medical documents.
Versapak Cytotoxic Medical Carrier Front
Laboratory bag - cytostatics €180,26
Laboratory transport bag for cytostatics with reinforcement and foam padding, two all-round carrying handles with hand protection and German or English print.
Labortasche für den Transport von Humangewebe, Amputate oder Organe
Laboratory bag for human tissue and organs ORG €79,38 €132,30
Laboratory transport bag for transporting human tissue, amputates or organs.
Labortasche MLB-T2 -Transport von Humanmilch
Laboratory bag for transporting breast milk €103,45 €172,42
Laboratory bag for transporting breast milk with reinforcement, foam padding and English print.
Labortasche PYBVAC -Impfstoffe und Medikamente (Englisch)
Laboratory bag - vaccines and medications from €158,98
Laboratory transport bag for vaccines and medications with reinforcement and foam padding.

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