Tamper-proof security seals

Security seals are used worldwide by various industries to indicate manipulation and interference and to serve as a deterrent against unauthorized access. Versapak offers a wide range of security seals, including our locking chamber security seals for use with our reusable bags and pouches, as well as plastic train seals, security tags, plastic cart seals, metal seals, security stickers and tamper protection labels.

Security seals are available from stock and Versapak can also produce security seals with personalized overprint options. We can print logos, barcodes and QR codes according to your requirements.

Different types of security seals explained

For use with Versapak's tamper-evident bags, pouches and carriers, we offer our patented T2 security seals for the highest level of tamper-evident security, as well as button, T and arrow seals.

Fire extinguisher pendant

Versapak Fire Security Seal Tags are a tamper evident seal designed to secure fire extinguishers and other items that require a visual indication for regular testing or maintenance. Specifically for fire extinguishers, these seal tags are broken off when the extinguisher needs to be inspected and refilled or recharged.

However, security seal tags like these are used in many different applications, from shipping crates to roll cages, where a visual indicator is required to determine if the item has been tampered with, but one that can also be easily removed by hand. To view our range of tamper seal tags, please select one of the following options: to indicate that the fire extinguisher needs to be inspected and refilled/charged.

However, security tags such as these are used in many different applications, from tote bags to to roll cages, which require a visual indicator to tell if the item has been tampered with, but can also be easily removed by hand. To view our range of tamper tags, please select one of the following:

Simple tamper tags
Numbered tamper tags
Personalized tamper tags
Personalized colored tamper tags - Contact

T2 security seal

The T2 is Versapak's premium security seal and offers the highest level of tamper-proof security. It features a unique patented design with an enlarged printable surface to make barcodes and numbers easier to scan and read. It is antimicrobial to prevent infections and has two prongs for added safety. The T2 offers you the ultimate level of tamper security and traceability. It is available in different colors, either neutral, numbered, personalized or with barcode.

T2 seal (smooth)
T2 seal (numbered)
T2 seal (custom design)
T2 seal (barcode)
T2 seal (QR)

Round security seal

The round seal is a popular round security seal used on bags with a round locking mechanism. Round security seals are available in a range of colors, with the following seals to choose from:

Button seal (single)
Button seal (numbered)
Button seal (custom design)

Arrow security seal

We designed the Arrow Seal for use with secure bags and pouches equipped with the Arrow style closure system. The arrow security seal is available in a neutral version or numbered and is also available in a selection of colors.

Arrow seal (simple)
Arrow seal (numbered)

Pull-through seals and security stickers

In addition to our range of locking seals, we also offer a selection of pull-through seals and security tags suitable for a variety of applications including securing fire extinguishers, medical devices, security containers and vehicle doors. Please click on the following links to learn more about Plastic security seals and Metal security seals.

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