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With experience in bag manufacturing since 1973, Versapak produces high quality reusable bags and pouches that are used and appreciated by many notable customers worldwide.


Quality control is integral to our commitment to delivering exceptional products that exceed customer expectations.


Developed to your exact requirements to ensure maximum functionality and professionally present your brand image.

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Examples of custom bags we can make

Spring Mobiles

Recycled phone case

Pre-order duty free bag

Transfer your pre-order securely and duty-free


Insulated food delivery bag

Ballot box on wheels

Secure ballot boxes

South Warwickshire University

NHS nurse backpack

The little loop

Click & Collect bag

Customization of existing Versapak products


Our standard range is available in the most popular colors: red, blue and green. If you don't see the color you want, please contact us with your requirements.


A single color block print may not work for you. Maybe you're looking for a striped or checkered design, or you need your company logo printed on the product. If this is the case, ask us about our overprint options.

Locking mechanism

Most of our standard bags are equipped with the Versapak locking mechanism for use with our Versapak security seals. The patented Versapak T2 seal is our premium security seal and we recommend the T2 over all other closure systems. Other locking chambers are available upon request.


You can choose to have no windows, add additional windows, install easily replaceable windows, or simply customize existing windows to suit your needs.


Piping can be used to enhance the appearance of a bag and can also help sewn products retain their shape. It is important to note that the piping is not intended to reinforce the bag or pouch as our standard stitching is very strong.


We offer a variety of zippers, and our double zipper ensures your bag is stronger, more secure, and customized to the unique contents you need to protect.

Precision manufacturing is in the details


We have made bags of all shapes and sizes.


While we make our standard bags from certain materials, we can make bags from a wide range of materials.


We can work with you to shape your bag exactly to your requirements using precision cutting and sewing equipment.


Our printing capabilities allow us to add your company logos or graphics to your item in different colors.

Seam welding

We can offer seam welds that form a durable and visually appealing connection.


We offer a variety of zippers and our double zipper lock makes your bag stronger, more secure and customizable to the unique contents you need to protect.

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