Tablet-Taschen für mehrere Geräte
Tablet cases for multiple devices from €89,95
The foam-padded partitions and floors offer the devices additional protection and shield the devices from external influences.
Tasche für mehrere Geräte - Sonderanfertigung PDP2 - In Aktion
Bag for multiple devices - custom made Preis auf Anfrage
Our Versapak transport bags are ideal for safely transporting multiple tablets and smartphones. They can be used, for example, when transporting defective devices for repair.
Tablet-Tasche für ein Gerät Blau
Tablet case for one device Preis auf Anfrage
Our Versapak tablet bags are ideal for safely transporting your tablet.
Monitor bag Preis auf Anfrage
Our Versapak monitor bags are ideal for safely transporting sensitive electronic devices.
Laptop-Tasche Offen
Laptop bag Preis auf Anfrage
Our Versapak laptop bags are ideal for safely transporting sensitive electronic devices.
Adresswendekarte mit Schutzhülle
Reversible address card with protective cover €1,40
Reversible address card for self-printing, with PVC protective cover. Suitable for all standard windows.

Device security

Electronic devices have become an integral part of our lives these days. For the younger generation, the use of electronic devices is now taken for granted. 90% of all children between the ages of 4 and 13 already use a PC, tablet or smartphone. For this reason, more and more schools are working with various learning tools such as tablets or smartboards. But such a purchase also brings challenges. Not only the question of the suitable device should be taken into account, because once you have invested in this purchase, you want to be able to benefit from it for a long time.

Therefore, the question of suitable protection and safe transport of such sensitive devices is important Goods essential. How do I carry 10 tablets into class at the same time and do it as safely and easily as possible? Versapak offers an excellent solution here: tablet cases! Handy, light and yet robust and safe! Up to 10 tablets fit in a carrying bag, which can be easily transported from classroom to classroom with a padded shoulder strap or two carrying handles. To ensure that nothing happens on the go, we have equipped the bags with good padding.

Of course, our tablet bags can also be individually designed according to your wishes, for example with your school logo or with more than 10 compartments. Versapak developed its secure, reusable equipment bags to provide a solution for organizations that use inadequate packaging to transport equipment. Cardboard boxes and single-use plastic envelopes do not provide adequate protection and can damage expensive contents during transport. Our video explains this in more detail.

Why use Versapak protective device carriers?

  • Versapak protective cases for devices (Protective cases for tablets/devices) are versatile and can be used by many industries.
  • They are made from high-quality materials and come with a Backed by a 5-year warranty.
  • They feature built-in rigid impact guards and internal padding to protect delicate contents.
  • Versapak's protective equipment carriers can be reused over 2,000 times, which means they last a lifetime Cost effective and environmentally friendly compared to disposable bags.
  • They include a tamper evident zipper for use with Versapak T2 security seals to ensure the contents remain safe.
  • We can manufacture our equipment carriers to meet our customers' exact requirements by offering larger or smaller sizes and overprinting with company logos and brands.

Tamper-proof protective equipment carriers

In addition to our reusable protective device carriers, we also supply tamper-evident carriers for laptops and other personal items.

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