Rundes Siegel nummeriert - Verschiedene Farben
Round seal (numbered) €42,50
Versapak numbered round seal is used to close Versapak bags with round sealing system. Each round security seal is uniquely numbered consecutively to detect tampering and ensure traceability. 1 sales unit = 500 seals
T2 Siegel nummeriert - Verschiedene Farben
T2 seal (numbered) €53,90
High-quality numbered T2 seal with patented 2-prong seal system. 1 sales unit = 500 seals
Durchziehplombe VersaLite nummeriert Gelb
Pull-through seal VersaLite numbered yellow (100 seals) €11,10 €18,50
The VersaLite pull-through seal is very suitable for sealing fire extinguishers, medicine cabinets and wallets. 1 sales unit = 100 seals
T2 Siegel mit Barcode (Mit Farboption)
T2 seal (with barcode) €56,70
T2 security seals with QR code make Versapak bags tamper-proof with our T2 sealing system. This means you have a traceable transport and can protect any content from unwanted manipulation. 1 sales unit = 500 seals Minimum order quantity: 10 units
Durchziehsiegel Universal-S/M Barcode
Pull-through seal universal S/M barcode from €164,95
This metal-detectable pull-through seal is ideal for courier bags, transport containers and IBCs, among other things. 1 sales unit = 1000 seals
Durchziehsiegel Spring Lock
Pull-through seal Spring Lock €15,00
The pull-through seal is suitable for use on security bags, courier bags, money bags, as well as roll containers, etc. The hinge lock is suitable for a tamper-proof seal of your security and transport bags. The predetermined breaking point makes the seal easy to remove by hand. 1 sales unit = 100 seals
Drahtseilplombe VersaCab
VersaCab wire rope seal Preis auf Anfrage
The VersaCab seals are ideal for sealing trucks, pallet boxes, sea containers, swap bodies and wagons. 1 sales unit = 250 seals
Containerplombe VersaBolt - eindeutige Nummern
Container seal VersaBolt €175,95
The VersaBolt container seal is suitable for sealing ship and railway containers, swap bodies, and much more. 1 sales unit = 250 seals
Durchziehplombe VersaTite (nummeriert) - Farbe
VersaTite pull-through seal (numbered) €120,95
The VersaTite pull-through seal (numbered) provides maximum security and control when sealing containers. The unique numbering feature enables effective tracking and prevents tampering. Provide your products with the VersaTite seal and protect them from unwanted access! 1 sales unit = 1000 seals
Durchziehplombe VersaPull (nummeriert) - Farbe
VersaPull pull-through seal (numbered) €105,55
The VersaPull pull-through seal is the ideal solution for securely sealing containers and transport goods. With a unique numbering, it allows for easy identification and prevents unauthorized opening. Ideal choice for the safety and protection of your goods. 1 sales unit = 1000 seals
Durchziehplombe VersaLock (nummeriert) - Farbe
VersaLock pull-through seal (numbered) €153,95
Trust in the security and uniqueness of the VersaLock pull-through seal (numbered)! This high quality seal provides numbered security and protection for your products. Perfect for use in logistics, transport and storage. 1 sales unit = 1000 seals
Durchziehplombe VersaLite+ nummeriert - Verschiedene Farben
Pull-through seal VersaLite+ (numbered) €73,65
Versapak's lightweight barbed security seal, uniquely numbered. New and improved product offering an ultimate tamper evident closure with 2 break points. It is suitable for a variety of applications including sealing fire extinguishers, first aid kits. 1 sales unit = 1000 seals
Durchziehplombe VersaLite SLIM nummeriert Gelb
Pull-through seal VersaLite SLIM numbered yellow (100 seals) €10,20 €17,00
The VersaLite SLIM pull-through seal is ideal for sealing fire extinguishers, wallets, medicine cabinets, laboratory tests, containers, measuring and control devices. 1 sales unit = 100 seals
Arrow-Siegel nummeriert - Verschiedene Farben
Arrow Seal (numbered) €45,00
The high quality numbered Arrow seals are available in different colors. 1 sales unit = 500 pieces

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