T2 Siegel nummeriert - Verschiedene Farben
T2 seal (numbered) €53,90
High-quality numbered T2 seal with patented 2-prong seal system. 1 sales unit = 500 seals
Schlüsseltasche ZF1KS - Blau T2
Key pocket from €13,46 €14,95
The Versapak key bag protects keys, cards or smaller valuables from tampering when transporting or storing them. This special bag is transparent on the front and has an eyelet for hanging. The reusable bag can be securely sealed with our security seals. Many of our customers use these bags to securely protect employees' keys or key cards from unauthorized access.
Durchziehplombe VersaLite+ nummeriert - Verschiedene Farben
Pull-through seal VersaLite+ (numbered) €73,65
Versapak's lightweight barbed security seal, uniquely numbered. New and improved product offering an ultimate tamper evident closure with 2 break points. It is suitable for a variety of applications including sealing fire extinguishers, first aid kits. 1 sales unit = 1000 seals
T2 Siegel mit Barcode (Mit Farboption)
T2 seal (with barcode) €56,70
T2 security seals with QR code make Versapak bags tamper-proof with our T2 sealing system. This means you have a traceable transport and can protect any content from unwanted manipulation. 1 sales unit = 500 seals Minimum order quantity: 10 units
Papier- und Hartgeldtasche - T2 Siegel
Paper and coin pocket from €14,95 €18,95
High-quality paper and coin wallet. The CCB money bag is ideal for medium to large amounts of cash when it comes to collecting it safely and taking it to the safe or bank. The bottom fold provides a large capacity. To protect the contents from theft, we recommend sealing with our new T2 seal. A unique letter/number combination assigned at the factory makes any manipulation immediately visible.
Kuriertasche T2
Messenger bag from €43,16 €47,95
With the Versapak CCBX courier bags, folders can be transported easily and conveniently. A carrying handle with hand protection ensures that the document bag is comfortable to carry. The address window, which can be filled from the inside, completes the sealable reusable bag.
Tablet-Taschen für mehrere Geräte
Tablet cases for multiple devices from €89,95
The foam-padded partitions and floors offer the devices additional protection and shield the devices from external influences.
Tasche für mehrere Geräte - Sonderanfertigung PDP2 - In Aktion
Bag for multiple devices - custom made Preis auf Anfrage
Our Versapak transport bags are ideal for safely transporting multiple tablets and smartphones. They can be used, for example, when transporting defective devices for repair.
Post-und Schlüsseltasche - T2
Mail and key bag from €9,95
High-quality mail and key bag with round or T2 sealing system and with address window for identification, access from the inside.
Posttasche - T2
Mailbag from €36,95
Whether receipts, confidential documents, folders or other important documents: with our mailbags your shipment will arrive safely. For mailing, the reusable bags have a franking strip and a practical address window with a reversible card. The Versapak sealing system ensures maximum transport safety. With just one seal, the bag becomes tamper-proof. The ZG bags are very popular in various law firms and offices.
Receipt pocket from €6,67
With the high-quality receipt pockets you are buying a reusable bag that offers optimal protection for your documents. The document bags are particularly durable thanks to the standard double seam. Colored stripes make it easier to identify the reusable bag. Minimum order quantity for some colors
Versapak Flat Mailing Wallet CVF T2 Group
Postal envelope from €15,95
In order to send your confidential mail securely, you need an in-house mailbag. If you want to protect the environment and your wallet at the same time, then our CVF postal envelope is just right for you. The shipping bag is characterized by its particular longevity and durability. Use our security seals to protect your mail from manipulation.

Versapak carriers are reusable over 2,000 times and come with a 5-year guarantee, meaning they offer a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to single-use envelopes.

Safe storage of equipment and documentation

Versapak makes padded and protective equipment and laptop carriers that are popular in schools to ensure expensive equipment can be moved between classrooms and stored safely when not in use. We also supply wallets and bags to securely transfer information and confidential documents between departments and external partners such as audit authorities. Our bags ensure that confidentiality and data protection are never breached.

Securing personal items and belongings

We offer a complete range of products designed to safely store personal items such as keys, mobile phones or jewelery that may have been confiscated or need to be kept secure. We also supply wallets and wallets to safely store and transport cash.

Versapak security seal

Versapak bags and carriers are equipped with a tamper-evident locking mechanism which, when closed with one of our security seals, ensures the contents of the bag remain secure. In addition to our bag security seals, we also stock a range of plastic pull seals and plastic tie seals that can be used for many security sealing applications such as fire extinguishers, medicine cabinets and fire doors.

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