Postbox PB - Blau
Postbox from €25,00 €49,95
If a large amount of mail needs to be transported, the Postbox PB is exactly the right solution. The handles and removable internal reinforcement make it particularly handy and robust. It is ideal for in-house courier or driving services, but also for in-house mail in the building. If the contents are to be tamper-proof, such as exam documents or sensitive documents - which cannot be viewed - then the mailbox can also be sealed. The Postbox 1 is the smaller of two standard models.
Posttasche für Ordnerversand - Blau
Mailbag for sending folders from €26,97 €44,95
Files are not exactly easy to transport and are often heavy when they are “completely full”. Versapak has developed a special bag for shipping them, which makes shipping extremely easy, even by post if necessary. The VFTO has special reinforcement to protect the folder and can be sealed so that any tampering is immediately detectable. This reusable bag can be reused for many years. Alternatively, they are also available with an eyelet for closing with a lock or a pull-through seal.
T2 Siegel nummeriert - Verschiedene Farben
T2 seal (numbered) €53,90
High-quality numbered T2 seal with patented 2-prong seal system. 1 sales unit = 500 seals
Asservatentasche Klein und Groß - T2
Evidence bag from €13,95
Versapak evidence bags (ASPS) are ideal wherever personal items need to be kept safe. Many police departments, administrations, correctional facilities and hospitals already use these bags in their daily use. We make our security bags with an eyelet for hanging and a standard window from a transparent, particularly durable material. In combination with our security seals, these evidence bags offer the highest level of protection against manipulation.
Mail sorting bag €25,00 €49,95
The RPT mail sorting bag was developed specifically for practical use in the mailroom. Mail sorting cabinets often have to be filled and emptied under high time pressure. The Magicpak from Versapak is the perfect solution for efficient sorting and transport from the mail sorting shelf or from the mail sorting system. Wherever large amounts of documents, mail or documents need to be stored quickly, this reusable bag is the optimal solution.
Botentasche BOT
Messenger bag €35,00 €70,14
The Versapak messenger bag BOT is a special kind of shipping bag. The easy handling of the shoulder bag makes mail delivery easy. The safety reflectors of the special bag give you safety in the dark.
Labortasche -Medizinische Befunde - OP Präparate
Laboratory bag - medical findings - surgical specimens €15,42 €25,70
The laboratory bag with space for medical reports and surgical specimens is perfect for on the go or in the clinic. This means you always have everything you need for your work with you. Practical and compact, for efficient use of your time and energy.
Asservatentasche AS1-MED
Evidence bag €16,76 €27,94
Bag for personal items and documents of patients or hospital staff such as smartphone, ID card, tablet, keys, wallet etc.
Adresswendekarte mit Schutzhülle
Reversible address card with protective cover €1,40
Reversible address card for self-printing, with PVC protective cover. Suitable for all standard windows.
Versapak Flat Mailing Wallet CVF T2 Group
Postal envelope from €15,95
In order to send your confidential mail securely, you need an in-house mailbag. If you want to protect the environment and your wallet at the same time, then our CVF postal envelope is just right for you. The shipping bag is characterized by its particular longevity and durability. Use our security seals to protect your mail from manipulation.
Dokumententasche VCF-MED
Document bag €14,75 €24,58
Document bag for medical documents e.g. for patient documents, findings, etc.
Versapak Light Duty Mail Trolley (MT2R)
Mail van €219,00 €365,00
Medium capacity trolley for delivering mail in an office or case notes, medications and samples in a hospital. It is very maneuverable, has a robust contour design and has two wire baskets.
Posttasche - T2 Siegel
Mailbag from €19,17 €31,95
Whether receipts, confidential documents, folders or other important documents: with our mailbags your shipment will arrive safely. For mailing, the reusable bags have a franking strip and a practical address window with a reversible card. The Versapak sealing system ensures maximum transport safety. With just one seal, the bag becomes tamper-proof. The CG bags are very popular in various law firms and offices.

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