Lebensmittel Transporttasche Klein und Groß
Food transport bag Preis auf Anfrage
The Versapak transport bag is the ideal solution for transporting food. Thanks to the two comfort handles and a shoulder strap, the bag can be perfectly transported on foot.
Lebensmittel Transportrucksack
Food transport backpack Preis auf Anfrage
The Versapak transport backpack is the ideal solution for transporting food. Thanks to the two shoulder straps, the bag can be perfectly transported on a bicycle or motorcycle.
Kuriertasche T2
Messenger bag from €43,16 €47,95
With the Versapak CCBX courier bags, folders can be transported easily and conveniently. A carrying handle with hand protection ensures that the document bag is comfortable to carry. The address window, which can be filled from the inside, completes the sealable reusable bag.
Sicherer Bargeldsack M - Blau SK37
Secure cash bag from €31,95
For storing large amounts of cash or ATM cassettes. These bags are equipped with a T-bar closure mechanism and can accommodate security closures for pulling and tying.
Isolierte Transporttaschen - Rot/T2
Insulated transport bags Preis auf Anfrage
This thermal bag is designed for storing food, drinks and duty-free items on board aircraft.The bag is reusable over 2,000 times and is secured with a tamper-evident locking mechanism. The bag has a tamper-evident sealing system.
Lidded boxes from €31,00
The lid boxes have a lid attached to hinges, which can be closed using teeth and can optionally be sealed with a seal. The lid of the box can be folded over 270° and lies flat on the box. This protects the lid from breakages and allows it to be transported to save space. The lidded boxes are all 100% recyclable.
Adresswendekarte mit Schutzhülle
Reversible address card with protective cover €1,40
Reversible address card for self-printing, with PVC protective cover. Suitable for all standard windows.
Isolierte Eiswürfel Transporttasche - Eisblau/T2
Insulated ice cube transport bag Preis auf Anfrage
This product is intended for the transport and storage of ice on board aircraft. It is a reusable, insulated transport bag that keeps ice frozen for an extended period of time. The bag has a tamper-evident sealing system.
Cash counting machine bags €38,95 €54,70
Bag for transporting coins from cash counting machines.
Geld- und Dokumententasche - Blau
Money and document bag from €19,17 €31,95
The reusable Tasch MG is particularly versatile for transporting banknotes and coins. These bags are particularly robust. The transport of rolls of coins, for example, is also possible without any problems and safely. In addition, due to its dimensions, the bag can also be used ideally as a document bag, for example for documents or folders. Our tamper-proof sealing system gives you maximum transport security.
Tasche für Münzeinzahlautomaten - Blau
Bag for coin deposit machines €20,00 €37,95
Versapak has the optimal solution for special coin deposit machines. This means that daily filling and emptying of ATMs can be carried out in a practical and time-saving manner. The subsequent transport of the cash is safe and convenient: the versaseal sealing system guarantees maximum security against manipulation and the practical carrying handles ensure problem-free handling.
Geldzählautomaten-Tasche - Rot GZA
Cash counting machine bag €35,00 €64,95
Versapak wallets are ideal wherever cash needs to be transported. The GZA bag is robust and handy and designed for everyday use. Especially large amounts of hard money/coins pose a particular challenge to the bag if they fall into it with a lot of weight. This money bag is therefore particularly reinforced and can hold up to 25 kg. The printable seals from Versapak guarantee maximum transport security.
Kuriertasche für den Transport von mehreren Ordnern
Messenger bag €125,95
The Versapak courier and transport bag KTU (KTUS) optimally protects your documents and folders thanks to the internal reinforcement throughout the entire transport bag. The reinforced corners make the document bag even more durable. With a seal, lock or pull-through seal you get a well-protected lockable bag.
Sortentasche ST
Variety bag €25,00 €50,00
The practical helper for safe transport, in-house shipping or temporary storage of various types! Simple and clear sorting of banknotes thanks to several compartments.
Fahrradtasche FTS2
Bicycle bag €28,85 €48,09
The Versapak bicycle bag FTS2 for type 2 postboxes is the perfect protective bag for your mail. Whatever the weather, your letters will be optimally protected with this special bag. The very high quality material makes this reusable bag extremely robust and durable. Delivery without postbox!

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