What does “tamper-evident security” mean?

When something is called "tamper-evident," it means that the contents cannot be accessed without a visual indicator that the item has been tampered with. However, it does not mean that the contents of what is sealed cannot be tampered with.

The term "tamperproof" has different implications depending on the type of application. For example, with Versapak products (like our wallets or medicine bags), when used with a security seal, there is a visual indication when that seal has been removed (i.e. it is tamper evident). Typical security seals recognize that removing a seal from a bag's closure mechanism breaks the seal and the same seal cannot be reapplied.

For some companies, a simple visual color reference may be used for their tamper-evident solution. An example of this would be a cell phone repair company where phones are delivered to the repair department with a specific color seal (e.g. red) and once an engineer has repaired the cell phone, it goes back into the Versapak bag with a new one Color seals (e.g. green) placed to indicate repair has been made.

In situations where additional tamper resistance is required, Versapak offers numbered plastic security seals. These provide an additional indication of tamper resistance, allowing it to be determined whether an item has left a specific security seal number and will have the same number when received at its destination.


Pull the zipper puller crosswise


Insert the zipper puller into the locking mechanism


Push the seal into the locking mechanism to secure the contents


To open, lift the zipper pull until the seal breaks

For cases where increased tamper resistance is required, Versapak has the premium T2 seal available, with either a barcode or QR code that can be customized to the customer's requirements. More about different types of Security seals.

What are tamper-evident security seals?

Depending on the type of use, tamper-evident security seals can be used with many different types of products. In the example above, the security seal is a seal that attaches directly to a bag's closure mechanism and breaks when removed.

Alternative seals are pull seals, often used in situations where visual indication of tampering is required:

An example of pull ties in the real world is their use on fire extinguishers. Fire extinguisher safety catches must be strong enough to remain on a product and visually indicate that a fire extinguisher has not been tampered with, but must also be able to be broken quickly and easily if the fire extinguisher is needed in an emergency.

Pull fasteners are also often used on paramedic first aid kits similarly, with the first seal (green) indicating that the first aid kit contains everything it should. When the first aid kit is opened and used, it will be resealed with a red seal indicating that the bag needs to be refilled at the end of the shift.

What is an example of something that is considered tamper-proof?

As an example of something that is considered tamper-proof, we can look at how the security clasp on a tamper-proof bag works. There are many different types of security closures for use with bags, pouches, or carriers, and selecting the correct closure may depend on commercial preference, cost, or familiarity with existing bags a company has in circulation.

At Versapak we sell a range of bag fasteners including (from left to right, pictured below) arrow fasteners, button fasteners, "T" fasteners and the Versapak T2 range of fasteners.

We illustrate this example with the T2 clasp, which is Versapak's own unique patented design and has multiple indicators of whether a bag has been tampered with, as pictured below - to illustrate how the clips on a clasp would have broken , if an object had been manipulated.

Video of tamper-evident security seals

Please click below to see a video of all of our bag security seals.

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