Labortasche PYB -Transport von Proben - Klein, Mittel und Groß
Laboratory bag - transporting samples from €158,98
Lab transport bag for vaccines and medications with plastic feet and inner compartment for a data logger.
Labortasche PYBVAC -Impfstoffe und Medikamente (Englisch)
Laboratory bag - vaccines and medications from €158,98
Laboratory transport bag for vaccines and medications with reinforcement and foam padding.
Bluttransporttasche BLD -Blutproben oder Transfusionsbeutel
Blood transport bag -blood samples or transfusion bags from €156,74
Blood transport bag for any blood products such as blood samples or transfusion bags with adjustable shoulder strap.
Apothekentasche -Transport von Medikamenten und Unterlagen
Pharmacy bag - transporting medication and documents €31,55 €52,58
The distinctive, sealable pharmacy bag is ideal for transporting medication and medical documents.
Red Patienten-Tasche
Red patient bag €51,04 €85,06
The Versapak patient bag was developed as part of the NHS Red Bag Pathway program. It is a high quality, durable and long lasting bag for patients' patient records, medications and personal items when they need to be transported between their nursing home and a hospital.
Labortransporttasche - Integriertem Thermometer
Laboratory transport bag - integrated thermometer €172,42
Lab bag with integrated thermometer for transporting laboratory samples and blood products.
Labortasche MLB-T2 -Transport von Humanmilch
Laboratory bag for transporting breast milk €103,45 €172,42
Laboratory bag for transporting breast milk with reinforcement, foam padding and English print.
Labortasche für den Transport von Humangewebe, Amputate oder Organe
Laboratory bag for human tissue and organs ORG €79,38 €132,30
Laboratory transport bag for transporting human tissue, amputates or organs.
Versapak Cytotoxic Medical Carrier Front
Laboratory bag - cytostatics €180,26
Laboratory transport bag for cytostatics with reinforcement and foam padding, two all-round carrying handles with hand protection and German or English print.
100 Covid-19 Probenbeutel inkl. Pads
100 Covid-19 sample bags including pads €62,00
These disposable polyethylene envelopes are UN3373 compliant and are used for the safe storage and transport of COVID-19 samples. (Price per 100). The sample bags ensure the safe and compliant storage and transport of diagnostic and clinical samples, infectious and hazardous materials, chemicals and pharmaceuticals. These independently certified printed bags meet all relevant transport regulations.
Schlüsseltasche ZF1KS - Blau T2
Key pocket from €13,46 €14,95
The Versapak key bag protects keys, cards or smaller valuables from tampering when transporting or storing them. This special bag is transparent on the front and has an eyelet for hanging. The reusable bag can be securely sealed with our security seals. Many of our customers use these bags to securely protect employees' keys or key cards from unauthorized access.
Thermal barrier for chilled goods from €5,45
The thermal barrier ensures maintenance of the desired temperature and avoids freezing. Suitable for transporting refrigerated products such as vaccines, insulin, biological samples, reagents, medicines and perishable products in general.

Medical bags, pouches and carrier bags

Versapak offers a variety of medical bags and sample containers that meet a variety of applications and meet various storage and transportation needs. Whether you're transporting medical samples or vaccines, confidential documents or emergency equipment, our selection of medical bags is sure to have what you need. Our products are specifically designed to ensure safe and reliable storage and transport of your medical equipment.

Versapak vaccine cooler

Versapak insulated vaccine carriers are manufactured with rigid insulated walls and, when used in conjunction with cold packs or freezer plates, can maintain contents between 2 and 8 degrees for an extended cold chain of up to 30 hours. Please click here to see full information about the Versapak vaccine chiller capabilities.

Why are medical carriers so important?

In an emergency, it is important to have the right medical equipment on hand to carry with you. Whether you are a paramedic needing a first aid kit for an incident or a medical courier delivering special vaccines or pathology samples, having an appropriate bag is critical to your life-saving work.

Equally important is the transport of sensitive samples such as vaccines and blood, which must be stored in precise conditions to remain medically viable. Our selection of sample containers and blood transport bags can help you transport temperature-controlled cold chain items and maintain them between the critical 2-8 degrees for extended periods. Versapak's range of insulated medical carriers help you safely transport important pathological and pharmaceutical samples. They are available in different sizes and can be reused over 2,000 times.

Why choose Versapak to buy medical bags?

Versapak has been providing high-quality medical bags, pouches and carriers for the medical industry for 50 years. We have decades of experience providing universal bags and transport equipment that enable paramedics and other medical professionals to safely transport items ranging from emergency supplies to blood and vaccines.

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